- Do you take commissions?

I am not taking commissions at this time. If that changes in the future, my commissions page will be updated.

- Will [artwork] be available at Diamond Art Club?

If you want it there, definitely either let me know or contact DAC to let them know! 

- Will [artwork] be available as a tube at CDO?

9 times out of 10 the answer is yes, although it might take a few months. At any given time, I usually have a queue of artworks that I've yet to release there, and so I will usually release those first. Holidays play a part in the order I release images in as well; for example, if October is coming up and I think an image would be appropriate for Halloween, I'll release that one before I'd release something less Halloween-appropriate, even if I've got a backlog of unreleased images.

- Why isn't [artwork] at CDO?

While I might just not have gotten to it yet (see above answer), sometimes I don't release certain ones because I don't think they would work well as a tube, or they are personal and I don't wish to sell them. Either way, if there's an image you're wondering about, just hold tight for a while- if I don't release it in the next few batches, I probably don't intend to at all.

- What do you use to make your pictures?

I use a Huion Kamvas 22 pen display. As far as software, Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint are what I normally use, although I occasionally use Corel Painter 2016 and Paint Tool Sai. To see an example of my working process, look here.

- Can I tube your artwork?

No. I sell tubes through Creative Design Outlet, and you're welcome to purchase them there.

- May I post your art to my blog/Facebook/Tumblr/other non-profit site?

Yes, but only if the image is not edited in any way. Note that I do not approve my art to be distributed as wallpapers, stock, or image packages of any kind.

- Would you mind if I got some of your art as a tattoo?

Go for it. Bear in mind that I don't give out full-res versions of my images for this purpose, so your tattooist is going to have to work with the smaller version. Sorry.